Our capability is extensive from enclosed acoustically treated cells to an open pad area (switchgear under cover) for larger multi-unit complete system real-time witness tests from 120 volt to 15kv including utility parallel power export. We also offer Resistive and Reactive load bank testing.

We also offer complete testing for Switchgear Systems.

Our on-site Testing Department features:
  • 3 test cells acoustically treated to 85db(A) @ 1 mtr external to cell
  • Multi tap transformer up to 15 kV
  • Real-time data logging for power, pressure and temps via analog and
  • Modbus routes (available on line)
  • Regularly calibrated test instrumentation
  • Export capability up to 4000 amps for offset of fuel costs on endurance tests
  • Export capability up to 4000 amps for proving of load sharing capability via bias lines
  • Remote radiator for units without cooling package
  • 8000 gallon fuel storage. Daily fuel delivery if necessary. We use low sulfur fuel.
  • Assortment of supporting test equipment

YES is also capable of offering both ON-SITE and ON-LINE VIA INTERNET real-time witness testing for all products from 120 volt to 15kv including parallel power export.  To learn more about our on-line testing option, please contact:

Kris LaFerriere
Test Cell Manager
office: (678) 945-2186

Don’t see what you need? If it involves a generating set, we can say YES.