It is the policy of Yancey Engineered Solutions to promote safe work practices and hazard‑free work environments throughout its operations. The ultimate goal of this policy is a totally accident‑free work place. Operations will at all times be conducted in such a manner to maximize safety and minimize risk of injury or illness. In the event that safety is in conflict with any other requirement or expectation of our operations, safety will always take precedence. In furtherance of this policy, employees of Yancey Engineered Solutions are expected at all times to:

1. Report any and all safety violations, dangerous conditions, or work place hazards immediately. No Yancey Engineered Solutions employee is expected or may be forced to perform work which he or she deems unsafe, hazardous, or which otherwise poses a threat to life, health or property.

2. Report any and all occupational injuries or illnesses, regardless of how seemingly minor or insignificant, to a member of management or a supervisor immediately and to obtain appropriate medical treatment without delay.

3. Remain continuously proficient in those area of safety procedures which will help insure safe work practices, including but not limited to personal protective equipment, hearing conservation, chemical hygiene and safety, safe work postures and practices, hazard communication, accident and hazard reporting, and required tooling, equipment and machinery operation safety.

4. Understand, observe and remain in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations regarding work place safety, health, industrial hygiene and environmental health and safety.

5. Familiarize themselves with the special or unique safety and health concerns or requirements relating to customer job sites and seek assistance where indicated from customer representatives to assure safe work operations while at customer job sites before commencement of any work.

6. Obtain and maintain such licenses or certifications as may be necessary or required by statute or other obligations in order to ensure regulatory compliance and safe conduct of work.

7. Remain continuously familiar with and observe and comply with all company safety and environmental policies, procedures, operational modifications and directives.