About Us


Yancey Engineered Solutions opened its' new facilities in Griffin, Georgia, in 2006. Built with knowledgeable and dedicated employees from the ground up, we have built relationships with customers across the world and are quickly establishing ourselves as one of the leaders in rotating equipment packaging and engineering. We have competitive and comprehensive services using our highly trained rotating equipment staff that is fully equipped to do the job with quality controls to ISO9001.

In 2010 we doubled the sized of our manufacturing floor.  We now have the square footage to handle any size job you need.  All our work is done inside the facility, assuring you of a product that was built protected from rain, sleet and outside contaminants.

We believe we are in a good position to be a viable partner. Give us a call, see how we respond, and tell us how we did. You are important to us. Yancey Engineered Solutions, your Rotating Equipment Specialist, is ready to provide you with a number of highly technical and specialized services. These services include:

• Testing Services
• Fabrication Services
• Sound Attenuated Enclosures
• Weather Resistive Enclosures
• Reconditioning Services
• Pump Packaging
• Rental Conversions
• Containerization
• Packaging Upfit
• Customized Services & Packaging
• IBC and Wind Rating Capabilities

For more detailed information on the many specialized services we can perform for your company, please give your YES Sales Engineer a call today.